Rural Grids

All Offsider Ag Equipment Grids are built tough from Australian steel.  Designed by a civil engineer for heavy duty use, our grids are built in 4 a range of different standard sizes for motorcycles, ATV's, car, light commercial, light rigid and heavy rigid vehicles.  

All our Offsider Ag Equipment rural grids are at minimum as strong as other products on the market that are sold up to 9 ton axle weight or 40 ton static loading. 

All our standard sized rural grids are 2.00m wide span.  

2 different abutment styles are available:

Grid Only  

  • to be placed on concrete or log abutments.  

  • 175mm high 

Steel Abutment  

  • solid steel work able to be placed directly on the ground.  

  • 375mm high 

 Our abutment type grids are 375mm tall. 

How we can make and sell these grids at this price? The simple answer is, you are buying direct from the producer manufacturer so we pass the savings on to you.

Our sales team are invested in our business and aren’t just looking to hit a sales target.

We have designed and tested our product, and build it from Australian steel, in Australia. When you buy a grid from us, you speak DIRECTLY to the person who designed it, who has a deep understanding of road building. We represent value to you, in both cost and our involvement with your project.

Call Dave on 0427 156 641 to see how we can help you. 



3m grid.JPG

3 metre grid

This Offsider Ag Equipment grid is perfect for a roadway or approach that is straight and simple. 

4 m grid.JPG

4 metre grid

A 4m grid is perfect if your fence and road do not intersect at right angles. This is our most versatile grid.

5 metre grid.JPG

5 metre grid

The 5 m Offsider Ag Grid is typically used at entrance ways when the grid is very close to the bitumen road and long vehicles are turning. This 5 m grid is a great alternative to make a recessed gateway.

ATV grid.JPG

ATV/4 wheeler grid

Designed for ease of installation, this portable standalone is a great option for fence line crossings for off-road vehicles in remote areas. Simply make a cut in your fence and drop into place.  It couldn’t be easier to install and the built-in rise creates an extremely effective optical and physical barrier