Meat Sheep Handler

Sometimes you can’t get someone to give you a hand in the yards and paying someone might be out of reach, so Offsider Ag have delivered a true one-person operation for meat sheep handling. 

This meat animal specific, mechanised handler has been created for a safer, calmer work environment for both human handler and beast.

It makes it easier to clip, check feet, dose, inject or tag the animal and keep both of you calm.

 The Meat Sheep Handler can be retro fitted to your current yards. 

Constructed from Aussie made Duragal

  • Internal dimensions :1100mm long x 400mm wide

  • External dimensions:  1200mm long x 650mm wide – fits on a single pallet for shipping


Head bale design

The Offsider Ag Equipment Ratchet head bale allows you to lock it in any position. You can process sheep of different ages and weights without changing your head bale set up. 


Elevated floor platform

The Offsider Ag Equipment Meat Sheep Handler has a full steel floor raised to 230mm. 

By raising the beast to you, you save your back when working with your flock. 

The elevated platform also enables you to fit any brand weigh scales


Double side access

Double side access to improve accessibility for condition testing, foot care, mastitis treatment, assisting with mothering up orphaned lambs.

Built standard from 60mm steel rails

Side opening gates

Customisable side opening for pregnancy testing